Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Doctors don't know everything.

Recently, my son broke his finger.  This would be his fourth broken finger.  Each time, I ask, is he getting enough calcium?  Would he be at less risk of breaking bones if he was not allergic to milk and could get more calcium?  Should we supplement and what is a good supplement?
At the most recent appointment with the Orthopedic Doctor, I asked these questions.  I did not get the definitive answers I was looking for and will follow-up, after reviewing with our Pediatrician and maybe even a Nutritionist.  To be fair, the purpose of this Dr. visit was to make sure the bone was healing properly and not to review his nutrition and allergies.
The Orthopedic did however mention a supplement called Viactiv.  Of course, I immediately went shopping for the supplement to learn that they come in four delicious flavors and ALL FOUR CONTAIN MILK.
This is just another reminder that the patient and the consumer must take the responsibility to read labels, do the research and not assume anything in order to keep someone with allergies safe.

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  1. I remember when I finally went to Wild Oats for the 1st time. I was so excited about the prospect of finding some new foods that were safe for our son to eat. I was so disappointed, like you with the Viactiv, to read the labels and find so many things that contained or may contain Milk, Peanuts, &/or Tree Nuts
    It so very important to read labels, even on things you normally buy. You never know when they may change!