Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally, a reason to make pink cupcakes for my boys!

My son's soccer team color this fall happened to be pink for his coed team.  At first, he wasn't sure if he wanted to wear pink.  But as the season got going, my son and all the kids loved wearing their pink shirts.  He would have worn it every day, if Mom let him.  We had a great team and the shirts represented their team spirit. They won the championship game and had an awesome season! For the end of the year party, I made pink frosted cupcakes, and everyone loved them.  It is an easy recipe that you can find on the Milk-Free Recipes page of my blog.  It meant a lot to me that no one thought of them as "milk free" cupcakes. The cupcakes represented our team spirit and camaraderie and the pink shirts that represented our team.

Everyone enjoyed being together and celebrating.  As a mom of a child with allergies, I was happy that we could all share the same dessert.  My son truly enjoyed that everyone ate "his" cupcakes and we didn't have multiple kinds to accommodate allergies.  And I truly enjoyed making them.

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  1. They look beautiful and yummy!! I've had your recipe before and they are really good!!!