My Child's Allergy

Ten years ago we discovered that our son is severely allergic to milk. A couple years later we added beef to the list of allergies. The first year was extremely overwhelming for us as first time parents, especially since neither of us had ever experienced allergies before. It took many emergency room visits and finally allergy testing to understand what was going on. We have since been educating ourselves, learning to read labels, and changing our diet. Naively, we thought our son would have outgrown his allergies by now. Reality set in recently, after reviewing his latest allergy test results. He is "off the charts" and our allergist believes it is quite likely that he will not outgrow his allergy to milk proteins. We will always remain hopeful and continue to research the possibilities. We decided to start this blog as way to reach out to other families dealing with the same issues. Our hope is to continue to learn and to help others by sharing our experiences. We are not experts, and you should seek professional advice from your doctor and allergist. We are just one family trying to deal with allergies and learning to live milk free.