Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day does not have to be about a box of chocolates.

If you are looking for craft ideas that do not involve food, Family Fun Magazine has some fun projects for Valentine's Day.  I especially like the alien monster mailbox.  It was easy to make and is a fun way to collect all those Valentine's Day cards.

This is the box we made at home and will be making with my son's class.  We only needed a few materials and it took only minutes to make.  To make the Valentine's Day box we needed an empty tissue box, a small piece of felt for the teeth, paper for the hands, feet and nose, pipe cleaners and googly eyes, found at our local craft store.

Check out the holiday craft ideas at Family Fun by clicking here.

Send me your ideas or photos of your Valentine's Day creations.
Happy Valentine's Day~

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